Hi everyone, 😃

Do you want to learn English with ease❓
Or do you want to learn another language without difficulty ❓

The method is the same for most languages. Therefore you can continue to read this text also if your mother tongue is English ❗

It’s easy. But only with the right method! 🙄

1 / To start if you don’t understand anything in English.

Children learn simply by listening.

You also learned your mother tongue with this method! 🤔

You can also learn English with this method which has already worked for you❗

Search for other videos for children in English that you like …

It would be nice to watch these videos several times. 3 times is a minimum so that your brain records information ❗

Do not hesitate to watch them 5 or more times if necessary…

2 / If you already understand English a little:

YouTube example:

Note: do not use the subtitles in your mother tongue or English after a certain time. Your brain will therefore be 100% available to listen.

Preferably take a premium subscription on YouTube. … to avoid listening to hours of advertising … 🙃

3 / Then, if your level of English is intermediate,

  • Learn English naturally
  • Learn authentic English
  • Without memorizing the grammar rules
  • No boring textbooks
  • Without endless vocabulary lists

An ideal system if you are short on time (listen to podcasts) 😃

Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast

I learned Spanish quickly with similar methods and it worked very well for me. So why not for you❓ 🌞

Small summary of the method.

  1. 30 minutes to 1hr of daily listening (more is better but it’s better a little everyday than 5h a day).
  2. Listen with all your attention to authentic English audios that interest you (min 3x) while relaxing.
  3. Repetition is the key to success.
  4. No translation in your head (in order to have 100% of your attention to what you are listening to). The goal is to get to think in English.
  5. Do not waste time learning topics that are not relevant for you. Useful in your life (ex trade if you are a commercial).
  6. Listen to the news on the radio or TV. Not too much because it’s not natural but good because it’s slower.
  7. Work on your pronunciation because it will increase your understanding!
  8. Speak in English. Speak aloud when you’re alone. Say whatever you want. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  9. Write in English. Change the language of your phone. Write on FB, Instagram, Twitter… You can use a new account only for this purpose.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.

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  1. Je n’ai pas encore testé mais ça me semble logique. Merci pour ces précieux conseils.

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